Terms of Service

Every company works on a specific set of terms and conditions to which each client has to agree. This is signed in the form of an agreement between the service provider and the client. We work under the following terms and conditions;


Acceptance– The client shall convey his acceptances once the quotation related to the services are conveyed to him. The work on the project shall start post the acceptance for the same has been received officially.


Service charges– The service charge would depend totally on what package you book for yourself. And depending on the services that you order, the price quotations would be conveyed to your concerned mail address. Once the signature of acceptance is conveyed from your end, we would start working on the project with immediate effect.


Transfer the essential material– The tech-work from our side would commence as soon as we receive all the essential inputs from your end. Inputs including the pictures, creatives, and logos, content are the main elements of the web development, and that’s what we need on priority basis.


Scope for variations– We offer opportunities that allow you to introduce variations in the designs that are already fixed. However such opportunities are restricted to a limited number of times, and are chargeable beyond that.


Work delivery– We believe in delivering the projects just at the right time, till the time you keep transferring the relevant information that’s supposed to be used in the project. In case where the input is not delivered from your end, we would surely not bear the liability that accrues as a result of late submission of the project.


Approval of satisfaction– After we are done with our job, the completed project would be delivered to you, for which you need to send the feedback within the stipulated time. The time to review is limited, and hence you will need to hurry up to get the necessary modifications done without a mess.


Payment– We commence with the work, once half the payment of the project is done in advance. The overdue amount is asked once the review period is passed, and the mutual satisfaction is achieved.


Authentic license– The license for using the website, its content, and the related software is granted once the overall payment for the project has been received from your end.


Admin ownership– The account credentials and the ownership related to the domain name registration and web hosting would be handed over to you as soon as you pay for the expenses incurred for the same on your behalf.


Non-disclosure– The TIV lab team would comply by all the non-disclosure agreements to keep all your confidential information a secret.


No liability for backup restoration– We are at no liability to restore the backups of your website or other relevant data. Creating backups and keeping the information safe is what lies under your list of responsibilities.